About Us

Akrcheft is a Germany brand for various sanding and polishing items such as sanding paper, polishing stone, abrasive cloth and emery cloth and so on. Our products have been rigorously designed to meet the standards and perform well in use tests. Our high quality sanding items offer a long service life, requiring less force to complete more tasks, which substantially reduces your costs.

Akrcheft also provides various cookware and kitchenware items such as vinegar and oil jugs, MoldsGrill grates, Cake pans, containers, cookie cutters, Siphon bottles for carbonated waterPiping bagDrinking strawsDrinking jugsdisposable plates and so on in Germany. The materials we select are safe and eco-friendly, meet the EU standards and various tests.

If you have any questions about our brand, please contact us at ding.xiuhui@chongdongx.com for further communications.